Chalet Lang demolished

Chalet Lang demolished

Chalet Lang demolished

Friday 20th June 2014

Back in January 2011 one of the most identifiable old chalets in Courchevel 1850 was scheduled for demolition. Chalet Lang, whose most notable feature were the concrete stilts it stood on, got a 12 month stay of execution from the French culture ministry who immediately took out a preservation order to review the case.

The Chalet Lang was built for the Vosges industrialist Georges Lang in 1950 in the Bellecote sector of Courchevel. Designed by Denis Pradelle, the 173m2 building juts out from the mountain on concrete stilts. Courchevel planner Laurent Chappis said it makes “effective use of a steep slope without disturbing the terrain, the open style leaves a clear view over the surrounding Tarentaise mountains”. Architect Jean-Francois Lyon-Caen says the design combines simplicity with an economy of space. A number of similar designs were built in the area but only the Lang has survived the town hall’s zeal for the “cuckoo clock” style of architecture. (

Well it looks like its time has run out. Last summer the old chalet was slowly demolished, along with the slope below it, until there is now nothing in its place.

I for one will miss the old chalet which was such a landmark in Courchevel

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