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When speedy boarding isnít very speedy.

When speedy boarding isnít very speedy.

Thursday 8th May 2014
One of the ways Easyjet upsells your standard seat is to offer you a service called speedy boarding. It allows you to jump the queue and allows you to board the aircraft first. All sounds pretty good unless this option becomes really popular. On a recent flight between 1/3 and Ĺ of the passengers had paid for speedy boarding which really shows the problem. The option to jump the queue now had its own long queue.
Now if Easyjet didnít automatically assign seating at the time of booking I could understand the benefits of getting on the plane first and sitting at the front of the plane. But they do and so you are, in essence, getting on the plane first to sit in your (cramped) pre-assigned seat and wait for 20 minutes while everyone else boards.
So instead of standing in line and waiting for the speedy boarders and then the normal borders I, and many others, sit calmly in the terminal by the gate until the queue has disappeared and being one of the last to board on the plane, calmly walk onto the plane and sit in my pre-assigned seat.
In the end the plane didnít board any quicker or slower than normal.
If Easyjet really wanted the plane to board speedier maybe they should have a look at these ways.
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